One of the most important parts of running a successful sawmill is having an sustainable sourcing plan, and that’s where Majestic Timber comes into play. Majestic Timber was founded alongside Linden Lumber in 1963 by Mr. Wayne Lewis, the father of Alan Lewis, who now directs Majestic Timber’s operations. Alan & his team bring a multitude of forestry-related knowledge to our customers, and are ready and available to help you reach your landowning goals – whether that means advising you on thinning practices, helping you determine the best time to harvest your timber or helping you manage your forest to grow that next big buck.

Whether you are a personal landowner looking to quote harvesting your land or a manufacturer looking to source timber in the West-Alabama and Mississippi area, we invite you to contact Majestic Timber so that we can better serve you.

Majestic Timber’s Main Office

23741 US Hwy 43

Linden, Alabama 36748

Majestic Timber’s Mailing Address

Majestic Timber

Post Office Box 480369

Linden, Alabama 36748

Or give us a call anytime at +1 (334) 295-8751. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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