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The foundation of our business is our core Linden team. Here are a few of the individuals that have made Linden the success that it is today, and who are continuing to shape our business to become the most internationally recognized name in hardwood lumber.

Don Overmyer founded Linden Lumber in 1963 and has overseen the transformation of Linden from a 10-man operation on “the Hill” to the 250-employee company that it is today. It is through Don’s innovative spirit the company has grown into the Linden we know today – never afraid to push Linden’s operations beyond the norm of the time, seeking new markets, and helping market the hardwood industry as a whole. Although Don is formally retired from Linden Lumber, most days you can still find him strolling through the sawmill and drying yards. Don lives in Linden, Alabama along with his wife Marjorie within a stone’s throw of the mill drying yards.

Don Overmyer

Tim Thornburgh joined the Linden team in 1994, bringing a plethora of yard-drying and kiln-drying experience to Linden. Tim was an integral part of expanding our dry kiln operations through the late 1990s, at which time he began to take on additional responsibilities in Linden’s flooring sales organization. Through his success in the flooring market, Tim has proven himself to be not only a great dry kiln manager, but also an invaluable asset to the Linden sales team. Tim has now come full circle in the Linden organization: as of August 2015, he is Linden’s new Operations Manager. He currently lives in Linden, Alabama with his wife and three kids, and is happy to say that his eldest son has joined Linden in 2014 as a lumber inspector.

Tim Thornburgh

Tim Thornburgh


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